Fashion advice and style private sessions

Private counselling is meant to offer personal advice on defining one’s own style and proper attitude. Many times people don’t find their own identity so they can’t reach their original style. We offer private sessions for clients that needĀ advice on defining their own clothing style and professional attitude.

Haute couture and events clothes

Clients can request special haute couture and events clothes with unique design from mr. Onur Osman.

Style and fashion training

Various workshops and being held worldwide at the request of clients on themes regarding clothing styles, fashion trends and attitude.

Professional fashion counselling for companies

Companies can request special professional advice from Onur Osman in single or rhythmic sessions, depending on the available schedule. Counselling can be both image and target based, depending on the needs of the clients.

For requesting professional sessions, style training, fashion advice or events unique clothes please send an email at: